Reel 13 Fishing Concept Z sld 6.8:1 lh

Reel 13 Fishing Concept Z sld 6.8:1 lh



The 13 Fishing Concept Z SLD 6.8:1 LH reel is the latest innovation in technology and design, pushing the limits of control and performance.
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Reel 13 Fishing Concept Z sld 6.8:1 lh

The original Concept Z made headlines with its innovative CZB technology. Pushing the boundaries of design, engineering and advanced materials is what the Z SLD is all about. The new Z SLD concept excels, and it starts with the SLIDE magnetic control system, ideally situated to make instant adjustments. Get perfect control of your pitches - headwind or tailwind - with a simple touch of your thumb. You can pitch, flick or make stratospheric casts by combining or isolating the Centrifugal Low-Friction brake with its SLIDE magnetic braking system. CZB Zero Corrosion ball bearings and an Advanced Polymer braking system are positioned in the ultra-rigid Cast Iron carbon frame and flanges. This design sets the new standard for material innovation.
Slide Magnetic Cast Control
CZB Bearing Technology
Hi-tech Cast Iron Carbon Frame and Flanges
Hamai Machined Aluminum Control Wheel Ti-Armor
Advanced Polymer Brake System 20lb / 9kg
Alert Drag Clicker
Zero Bearings Ball Bearings (6 CZB Bearings + 1 Anti-return)Return Dead Stop)
Arrowhead Guide
Reinforced Clutch
Integrated Decoy Hook KeepR
Anodized Sway Pin Generation II (HA)
6 Position Brake System
Access Flange rapide Beetle Wing
Comes with an orange silicone Skull Cap, matching the reel

Additional Information

Brand 13 Fishing
Manufacturer SKU ZSLD2-6.8-LH
Color grey
Color Grey
Size One size - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult